Reflexology2aReflexology is a method of bringing relaxation, balance and healing to the body by stimulating reflex points on the feet and hands.
Homeopathy2aHomeopathy is an advanced and complete system of medicine that has been widely used all over the world for over two hundred years.

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Is your child struggling with adapting to school

Is your child struggling with adapting to school?   Are they frustrated with homework? Do they suffer from separation anxiety? Are they having fears related to school? Are they exhibiting signs of low self esteem? Are they moody before and after school? Homeopathy can HELP you and your child!!! Contact me to inquire if this might…


Laughter is the best

Really – laughter is the best medicine. I was just chatting to a friend about everything that is going on in my life and she asked how I survive it?  Well really ….  laughter!!!! Because if I don’t laugh, I may cry.   Honestly it is about flipping your mindset on things and often laughter will…